Essential Oils

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Esssential oils are powerful players from the plant world. They pack a punch, can perk you up, invigorate you, improve your appetite, bring back memories, lessen pain and soothe you to sleep. We can use them to help us keep our homes clean and support us with certain ailments.

Our bodies are wonderfully constructed to detect the outside world and decipher all the signals; our noses and olfactory bulb being a fantastic part of our nervous system. Smells are created by small molecules emanating from matter or substances that are detectable by our neurons and brain. We link the term aroma with a pleasant smell and the term odour with the opposite!

Essential oils are pure oils extracted from plant leaves, flowers, bark, stems and seeds by varying methods; like pressing, steam distillation. Solvent extraction may leave traces of solvent in the extracted oil.

Safety information –

Never use essential oils neat on the skin, (and of pets) always dilute in a carrier oil e.g. sweet almond oil.

Keep out of reach of children

Do a small patch test of the blend.

Never use undiluted in a diffuser or burner, always add a few drops to water. NB Pets may be affected by diffused oils, seek advice from the vet

Never consume essential oils. Always seek medical advice if someone tells you to do so.

Purchase good quality oils from reputable sources.

Whether you are using essential oils for massage, diffusing at home, using as a fragrance, do enjoy natures goodness safely.

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